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Apart from the most basic cash registers, modern cash registers, now come network ready and allow you to connect the cash registers together so data and customer bills can be moved or shared between machines. They also support devices like barcode scanners or kitchen printers and you can even link them to a PC-based back office software package such as EPOS Sales or EPOS Backoffice to form a basic low cost EPOS System with stock control.

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e-tek Systems provide EPOS solutions for the retail, hospitality and catering industries, web hosted software, latest point of sale touchscreen...
Major Service areas are EPOS technology, hospitality, catering, installation, training, support and consultancy services.
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EPOS Terminals

These are highly sophisticated POS terminals well suited to high volume operations where speed of service is essential, like bars, nightclubs, stadiums, general retail, quick service restaurants, pubs etc. Designed to be networked together on standard PC-based networks they are available with either an operator keyboard or a touch screen, where items are sold by pressing buttons displayed on the screen.
Systems like the E-tek's e-Retail, e-Fast, e-Restaurant with market leader touch-screens may be installed on their own, but are typically networked together and often supported by back office software. Packages like e-Backoffice offer stock control, ordering, reporting, daily & weekly cash sheets, product maintenance, price management and give you full control over your POS terminals.
These EPOS terminals offer greater functionality than cash registers plus more system integration options such as CCTV cameras, loyalty software, kitchen order printers, cashless smart card devices and hand held order terminals.


E-Retail is a Windows-based stock control EPoS solution. E-Retail has been specifically designed to meet the needs of today's modern retailer. Our back office and point of sale software is compatible with our complete range of EPoS touch screen terminals, receipt printers, barcode scanners, customer displays and cash drawers. E-Retail can be installed on any standard IBM compatible computer running Microsoft operating systems, therefore turning your standard computer into a fully integrated EPoS system.
e-Retail offers Stock Control, Customer Accounts & Sales Database, Goods Inwards, Stock Taking, Sales Reporting, Barcode Label Printing, Multi-site communications, Branch Transfers, Multiple Back Office Computers, "Realtime" Stock Control, Barcode Scanning, Multiple Tills and Integrated Chip and Pin authorisation.
e-Retail is the ideal solution for retail operations such as convenience stores, supermarkets , department stores and more. The easy to use screen designer allows you to create screens with fully definable button sizes, colours and functions to suit your business. We also provide a professional bespoke development service and customised reporting. This allows customers to maximise their POS investment and get the right information at the right time.

EPOS system

An EPOS system chosen to suit your business needs will offer a new dimension and level of control over day to day operations, allowing you to react quickly to competitors and changes in customers buying habits. It will bring a host of business benefits, boosting profitability, controlling costs, increasing efficiency, and helping you fine tune your business model and processes.
Choosing to upgrade from a basic cash register to an EPOS system can be time consuming and there are many decisions to be made, however the  benefits of an EPOS system and potential ROI (return on investment) will make it time well spent.

EPOS Guide - Helping you choose the right system
A basic electronic cash register will meet the needs of many small startup businesses with small product lines and low turnover. However, few purchases can have as dramatic an effect on your retail or hospitality business as a carefully selected EPOS System (Electronic Point Of Sale). These are also often referred to as Point Of Sale systems, Tills, EPOS Tills and POS Systems.